NAF! Stuff Launches MY! Stuff, the Answer to Your Branding Prayers


Are you a nail technician that has been dreaming of having your own branded cuticle oils but not known where  to start?  NAF! Stuff  has the solution for you.

Introducing our brand new service,  MY! Stuff 🎉📣

MY!  Stuff  allows  you  to  bring  your ICONIC  branding  to  life  by  creating  custom labels for our 3.5ml NAF! Stuff PRO cuticle oils. Say goodbye to doing-it-all-yourself and hello to tested & registered formulas, with professional filling and distribution to match! This means no need for huge investments, no super-long lead times and no 5000-unit minimum order quantities – phew!  


So, now that you’ve heard the exciting news you'll be thinking how do I get my paws on those custom oils? Well, we’ve pulled together a step by step guide below on how  easy it is for you to  have  our  trusted  formulas, your way! 


How it Works:
Simple steps to bringing your branding to life 

Step 1: CHOOSE  the scents you want to stock. It’s a100 unit minimum order quantity that can be split over two scents - yay!

Step 2: Add a CUSTOM LOGO stand or insert if you want to take your brand presence even further. This option will show up once you add 100 units into your basket. 

Step 3: Check out and pay. The design tool will become available after purchase so get thinking about what you’d like it to look like.

Step 4: Use our design tool to create your CUSTOM  LABEL. You'll also receive a message from us with all the important stuff including allergen and CPNP info.

Step 5: Then  we  work  our  magic  behind  the scenes and after 14 working days or so your vision comes to life when your custom label cuticle oil pens arrive at your door!

Don't just take our word for it, see MY! Stuff in action


The amazing Jen at SWAK nails took part in our trials for MY Stuff  and so kindly gave us this little testimonial and some stunning shots of her own branded pens💗


 “Introducing SWAK nails cuticle oil!! Having my own branded cuticle oils made by the legendary @nafstuff is literally a dream come true “
“I was so honoured to try the new MY! Stuff service, offering nail pros their own branded pens, with the tried and tested (& amazing scented) formulas." 
“I can’t wait to be retailing these beauties


Thank you to Jen and all our other trial participants. We can’t wait for our amazing PRO Community to try MY! Stuff.


So, the wait is over, shop MY! Stuff now and take your brand and retail offering to the next level 🔥


Love, NAF!  Stuff x        


Some Helpful Little Ts & Cs

  • You can order any scents from our Core Collection of 7, with a minimum order quantity of 100. This can be split between 2 scents and both oils can have different labels.
  • Orders placed will have 3 working days to create and upload your artwork. Your PRO account will be given access to our Design Tool for the scent you have purchased, so please ensure you are logged in or you will be unable to view the tool. This access will be removed after design has been submitted. 
  • All designs are final after submission so please ensure you are happy with your chosen logo and background as this cannot be changed. MY! Stuff orders will be delivered within 14 working days from design submission, but you will be notified via email with your tracking information.
  • The shelf life of MY! Stuff cuticle pens are 30 months unopened, and 24 months opened, giving you lots of time to retail your MY! Stuff pens.
  • MY! Stuff pens are CPNP registered and our formulas have gone through rigorous testing by our manufacturer, your labels will be uploaded to the CPNP within 1 month of  your purchase.
  • You must state somewhere in your product description on a website that your cuticle oils are formulated by NAF! Stuff. 
  • You are unable to sell on MY! Stuff to any other retailer. Products  are only to be sold in your salons, in person, via social media or via your own website.

 for all t's&c's click here



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