NAF! Stuff Scented Cuticle Oil - Limited Edition Autumnal Scent

NAF! Stuff Scented Cuticle Oil - Limited Edition Autumnal Scent

Protect your nails and get a lil’ spicy with our NAF! Stuff
Cinnamon Apple scented cuticle oil 🌟




Who doesn’t love a crisp Autumn day? Strolling through the park, leaves crunching underfoot, as you clutch a hot beverage and snuggle into your chic new coat. But did you know that the drop in temperature can actually play havoc with your complexion, cuticles and most importantly your well-deserved mani?


As it gets chillier, the air becomes dry which means your skin can lose its ability to retain moisture. This teamed up with the increase of artificial heat indoors can result in super dry hands and brittle nails.


Cinnamon Apple scented Cuticle Oil🍂


Protect your paws through the transition from Summer to Autumn! Our NAF! Stuff Limited Edition Cinnamon Apple scented Cuticle Oil will be your cold weather skin saviour and a gorgeous addition to your nail care routine. The delicious scent is the perfect mixture of sweet & spicy and will have you re-applying it’s Vitamin E enriched goodness all day long. The pocket friendly brush pen makes it easy to moisturise on the go so you can prevent stubborn, dry cuticles and chipped, flaky nails.


As a limited-edition product, this scent will retail at £8 per Cuticle Oil Pen and our #NAFIA Trade Team will be able to purchase Cinnamon Apple at wholesale, where they will also be available as 30ml Desk Oils.



When will they be on sale?

Cinnamon Apple will be released on our website on Monday 30th September at 8am.

Our #nafiatradeteam will have early access at 10am, Sunday 29th September




This 4.5ml click & twist pen is vegan, pocket friendly and comprises of Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil that not only team up to nourish the skin around your nails in the short term, but will assist in improving your overall nail health in the long run.


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