2019 Price Changes

We’re updating our prices at NAF! Salon and we wanna let you know why 💘

As of Monday 4th February we’re revamping our menu by simplifying how you book in for nail art and introducing a slight price increase to some of our services. Don't worry if you're already booked in advance (FYI NAF! Club members), your appointment price will stay the same 💫🌟

Whilst a lot of our #NAFIA will automatically support our decision, some of you might be asking why and we totally get it! So we thought let’s jump to it and detail the benefits and reasons behind the increase.

As you know our number one priority is delivering a first class service and unreal nail art whilst looking after your nail health – only the best for you honey!

Our staff take the time to research, trial and look through loads of products and equipment to make sure what we’re using for our treatments is the best around.

We have an amazing team of nail technicians who are passionate about developing their skills. This price increase allows us to book training courses in order for them to grow their knowledge and skill set in order to deliver a superior NAF! experience.

Lastly, we want to continue to create a salon environment that you love! The price increase will allow us to put money back in to the business for things like air purifiers, a comfortable waiting area and a wider selection of delicious colours for you to choose from!

Hopefully this will make it clearer as to why the price change has come about, as always we love hearing from you guys so if you want to keep the chat going – leave a comment below or drop us a lil’ email!

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