✨ Slip off to Slumberland with the soothing scents of 
NAF! Stuff’s Sleepy Collection ✨

We believe that nail care is self-care and our scented cuticle oil pens are the perfect additions to your bedside table as well as your evening skincare routine.

NAF! Stuff’s Sleepy Collection scents were chosen for their calming and relaxing properties. Lavender is soothing and can work wonders to alleviate stress, whilst Mint & Eucalyptus will work together to clear your airways and aid a sounder sleep. Use each scent individually or apply together, night or day, to take a moment for yourself and reclaim a sense of serenity.

Just like our core range, these 5ml Click & twist pens are vegan, pocket friendly and comprise of three ingredients; Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and a splash of dreamy scent that not only team up to nourish the skin around your nails in the short term but will assist in improving your overall nail health in the long run.