Scent Profile: Wild Berries

Scent Profile: Wild Berries

A season of majestic moments. Chilly mornings, chunky-knitted scarves and the sky filled with birds heading south. Crackling fires, mulled wine and festive cheer. Twinkling lights guide you home from frosty-filled adventures. The year is coming to an end, you feel content.


We are more than ready for the festive season to begin, so say hello to our NAF! Professional Limited Edition Winter scents… 

Our Wild Berries nail & cuticle oil is the perfect harmony of rich, ripe winter berries with plump top notes of aromatic mulberry and juicy blackberry, elevated by crisp notes of cranberry. With accents of fruity sour cherry combined with soft undertones of woody musk and powdery smooth vanilla bean to finish, one drop and you’ll be transported to a winter wonderland with snow-dusted houses and trees covered in frost-bitten berries. It is really the most wonderful time of year! 

To celebrate the launch of our new winter scents, we’re sharing some of our favourite recipes that have been the inspiration behind the collection. The following Wild Berry Compote is brought to you by our Customer Service & Product Coordinator, Lauren. This recipe is super easy to make and adds a little extra oomph to any sweet dish. It’s the perfect combination of tangy and sweet and delivers all the vibrant, festive flavours you could ever dream of. Bon Appetit! 



{ Wild Berry Compote } 


  • 550g mixed berries - Fresh or Frozen

  • 40g Brown Sugar 

  • ½ lemon, juiced 

  • Ground cinnamon, ground ginger, Star Anise pods or vanilla essence


    • To make this fruit compote, simply:

    • Clean, cut and remove the stems from the berries (if they’re fresh)

    • Place the mixed berries, lemon juice and brown sugar in a small pot on low heat.

    • Cook for 5 minutes with the pot lid on then for another 10 to 15 minutes without the lid.

    • Remove from the stove, leave to cool down for a few minutes, then transfer into a sealed jar. Keep in the fridge or freeze when cold.

    • Once cooled, serve with your breakfast or dessert of choice. Tuck in and enjoy