NEW! Juicy Mango is BACK

NEW! Juicy Mango is BACK

2016 called, they want their Juicy Mango back

To help celebrate NAF!'s 8th birthday, we've gone back in time to bring you a revival of our very first scent... the iconic Juicy Mango.

OG NAFIA will remember just how irresistible the scent was, and after many MANY requests over the years, we're beyond buzzing to be re-launching Juicy Mango as a limited edition release. Available to our Pro Team from Thursday 3rd August at 8AM in both 3.75ml Pens & 15ml Mini Droppers. 

The scent? Succulent, mouth-watering & totally nostalgic - prepare to be captivated by Juicy Mango. Perfectly capturing the essence of fresh, sun-ripened mangoes, you’ll be instantly transported to an exotic destination where you can relax under swaying palm trees and enjoy the sound of waves crashing the shore… total tropical bliss!




15ml Mini Droppers Retail Pack

  • PRO PRICE: £45
  • RRP £12 per dropper
  • PROFIT £3.00 per dropper

3.75ml Brush Pens  

  • RRP £9 per pen
  • PROFIT £3.10 per pen / £15.50 per pack